True digital transformation starts here

The benefits of process automation are real, but it’s not enough to just digitise your business. True transformation only happens when you have technology that makes sense for the way your people need to work.

We leave all assumptions aside

We listen, understand, consider what’s possible, then anchor your digital transformation around core processes and goals that exist within your business.

We enable a digital mindset

In doing so, we drive productivity and visibility across your business, gain flexibility for your team, and ultimately deliver a better customer experience.

We have a solid track record

Our team’s knowledge and experience has enabled many New Zealand businesses to gain a competitive edge. Our customers’ success is what sets us apart.


Purchasing & Accounts Payable Automation

Equipping finance departments with AI and RPA technology to help them effectively manage compliance, gain full process visibility and reduce staff workload.

Accounts Receivable Automation

From invoice delivery to payment allocation and collections management we automate the areas of AR that matter most to your business.

Order Management Automation

Enabling users to electronically process and track any order, in any channel or format, all through a one intuitive cloud-based interface.

Intelligent Automation & Robotic Process Automation

Harness Intelligent Automation to unlock document intelligence, connect disparate systems, and orchestrate human and digital workers to execute and automate workflows across your high-value business processes.

Document Generation & Digital Signing

From sales contracts and offer letters to account openings and legal agreements you can send and sign from practically anywhere, at any time.

Contract Analytics & Lifecycle Management

Negotiate better agreements faster. Save time and reduce errors by automating the entire contract lifecycle with document generation, collaboration, workflow, and a central agreement repository.


Static fillable PDF and web-forms are dinosaurs in today’s digital-first world. It’s time to transform traditional forms-based processes into intelligent, conversational user experiences.

Electronic Content Management

From creation to disposal we help you manage your documents smarter, making them easily accessible yet protected from unauthorised access.

Business Process Outsourcing & Digitisation

Unlocking vital information stored in paper and making it available to the people who need it anywhere, any time. From customer records to property and patient information we preserve critical information from loss and distraction.

Check out our digital solutions brochure and see how robots, coupled with our team’s knowledge and experience, can help your Kiwi business gain a competitive edge.

Check out our digital solutions brochure and see how robots, coupled with our team’s knowledge and experience, can help your Kiwi business gain a competitive edge.

Check out our digital solutions brochure and see how robots, coupled with our team’s knowledge and experience, can help your Kiwi business gain a competitive edge.


Business Process Automation using Kofax RPA transformed New Zealand utilities giant Trustpower.
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Accounts Payable Automation Comvita
Robotic Process Automation
Giltrap Group
DocuShare Content Management
Akarana Timbers
Business Process Outsourcing
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Smart Forms


What stood out for Lifetime was the approach from Fujifilm Process Automation which put the tools in our hands so we can develop internal skills and self-build robots, meeting existing needs and any new ones.
Lucie Moloney Geany, Lifetime - Robotic Process Automation in NZ Testimonial
Lucie Moloney-Geany
Project Coordinator, Lifetime
The Accounts Payable Automation solution gives us the confidence that as we add more branches, depots and staff, we’re well equipped to handle the added administrative workload.
Reegan Pearce from Go Bus gave FUJIFILM Process Automation a glowing reference when AP Automation changed their view on accounting.
Reegan Pearce
Chief Financial Officer
We had high expectations of a partner who could be flexible and dynamic and an extension of our team. I’m pleased to say that the Fujifilm team exceeded our expectations, and they were a pleasure to work with every step of our journey.
Jono Cook, Information Technology Manager, Aon - Review for FUJIFILM Process Automation NZ
Jono Cook
Information Technology Manager, Aon
The Fujifilm Process Automation team were great to work with and adaptable. We presented them with the problem and the requirements, and they came up with inventive, efficient and effective solutions.
Alice Thomson, Trustpower Workflow Automation in New Zealand Case Study on Kofax RPA.
Alice Thomson
Manager – Strategic Initatives, Trustpower

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