Procure to Pay automation hits the sweet spot at Comvita

Provided by Fujifilm Process Automation

Here at Fujifilm Process Automation, we pride ourselves on our work, and our customer success stories are what set us apart. Comvita had an AP (accounts payable) headache of their own, and who better to go to?

Utilising our industry-leading software, along with some really clever people, we quickly had their AP department bee-having perfectly. With faster invoice processing, improved visibility & more, Comvita has been transformed.

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Enabled remote working with Esker Anywhere™ mobile app

Faster processing of 2,000 invoices per month

Improved visibility and less compliance risk

Comvita was founded in 1974, with a purpose to heal and protect the world through the natural power of the hive and is the global market leader in Mānuka honey and bee consumer goods. Their procure-to-pay cycle was being hindered by excessive paperwork.

“Paper costs money, and shifting it around to individual desks takes effort and time,” explains Lisa Blackstock, Comvita’s GM of Finance. “Sometimes invoices would stay on peoples desks, so we’d have a lot of chasing up to do. It was also hard to see which invoices we could pay and which were still waiting for approval, while some invoices required more than one signature, which only magnified the challenge.” 

The whole process is faster from receiving to paying invoices, and our AP specialist always knows where everything is. Now it’s almost impossible to lose an invoice.

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Accounts Payable Automation Done Right

Comvita’s executives had no difficulty processing purchase orders and invoices during the lockdown, thanks to the Esker AnywhereTM mobile app.“The timing of the new solution couldn’t havebeen better. Quite simply, if we were on the old system, we would have had a major problem,” says Blackstock.

With AI-powered data capture, touchless processing, and digital workflow capabilities, Esker optimises spend requests and goods/services ordering. Every Purchase Requisition is raised and authorised electronically before a Purchase Order is issued. Every transaction is tracked — from purchase request to invoice approval, with full reporting on requisitions, items purchased, invoices processed, and payments made.

The net result is that Comvita can raise POs and pay recurring invoices automatically and electronically without printing a single sheet of paper. They have complete visibility of their purchases and payments at any time while also meeting their compliance and anti-fraud obligations.

In short, Fujifilm Process Automation and Esker has made life better for the finance department. There is only one complaint, though, my team needs more exercise, as they’re no longer running around with pieces of paper!

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