Get paid faster with Accounts Receivable Automation.

Eliminate the pains of manual order processing with AI-powered data capture, touchless processing, and digital workflow capabilities.

Looking for Accounts Receivable Automation software? Look no further, getting in touch with the FUJIFILM Process Automation team today about Esker is the first step to automating your invoicing process.

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Accelerate cash collection with Esker Accounts Receivable Automation.

Take the effort and errors out credit management and cash application. From remittance capture to invoice reconciliation in the ERP to managing customer credit risk, Esker automates the AR areas that matter most.

Offering a 360° view of your cash management, Esker’s cloud-based platform spans the entire P2P process — helping finance teams effectively manage compliance, gain complete process visibility and free up time for more rewarding work.
Collections forecast for Esker Accounts Receivable automation

Simplify payment

Facilitate faster payment regardless of the customer's preferred payment method or location.

Deliver perfect invoices

Generate invoices aligned with customer preferences and compliant with legal requirements — every time.

Collect cash intelligently

Ensure that tied-up customer cash is efficiently collected via automated reminders, tasks lists, KPIs and more.

Keep your credit risk under control.

Trust alone is not enough — businesses must keep a watchful eye on their credit risk. From customer onboarding to managing business relationships, Esker’s comprehensive Credit Management solution streamlines the credit approval and risk monitoring process, helping businesses secure sales revenue.

100% Simplicity

Manage all credit application forms or internal credit requests from the user interface.

100% Automated

No more emails or manual processes needed to manage approval workflows.

100% Secured

Credits are processed, approved & monitored in full compliance with your credit policy.

Credit management dashboard for Esker AR

Collect smarter, faster, better.

Automated Collections

Still having staff send out email reminders or account statements? Esker automates these repetitive tasks so your team can use their talent on more value-added tasks like recovering cash.

Enhanced Collaboration

Esker centralises all post-sales data, documents and actions, giving users access to the same information and making easier to create and assign tasks to solve invoice-related issues.

Increased Visibility

Through real-time KPIs and AI, you’ll get valuable insight on your performance along with the ability to create and share reports and expand the cash flow culture through your organisation.

Accelerate Cash Application.

Esker’s Cash Application solution, supported by AI-recognition technology, accelerates the cash allocation process, ensuring your receivables are up to date and your AR team is always working efficiently and strategically.


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Get 7 tips for managing accounts receivable in challenging times.

7 tips for effectively managing your Accounts Receivable process in challenging times

Download this Accounts Receivable Automation eBook and learn how you can adapt your collections strategy during times of significant disruption and continue collecting cash, take care of your customers, empower your team, and come out on top.

Why manage your AR processes with Esker?

Instant visibility on customer accounts, invoice statuses, actions and performance

Easier onboarding process and fewer IT resource requirements

Lower DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and optimised working capital

Faster invoice related issues resolution (e.g., dispute, deductions, etc.)

Guaranteed compliance no matter your size, industry or location

Improved productivity, team morale and employee retention

How healthy is your Receivables process?

Try our Cash Application Health Check and see how your accounts receivable process can benefit from Esker Cash App. Then get in touch with our local expert team to get started. 

How healthy is your cash application process? Find out using our health assessment and get in touch with our NZ team today.


Esker has been a huge benefit to me as an AR manager. Not only is my team far less stressed and overwhelmed, I'm no longer working 11-12 hour days and have more time to focus on larger scale projects that impact the company.
Jamie Flores
AR Manager, Oneta
We have stayed true to our roots of introducing pragmatic and impactful digital solutions that would help businesses adjust to new global technological realities. E-invoicing is one such demonstrable aspect in which we are walking the talk, as we spur our clients on in embracing digital technology and keeping pace with changing customer expectations.
Peter Wong
CFO, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore

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