Giltrap Group Revs up for growth with RPA

Provided by FUJIFILM Process Automation

To continue its fast-paced business growth without sending back-office costs soaring, the Giltrap Group worked with trusted partner FUJIFILM Business Innovation New Zealand (FBINZ) to automate key business processes using Kofax RPA™. Helping rev them up to an RPPM (Robot Processes Per Minute) speed so insane even the hairs on the back of Valentino Rossi’s neck would stand up.

Using the best people in the business, along with some genius software, the group is saving hundreds of person-hours each year—containing costs and liberating employees to focus on more rewarding, value-added work. And we’re not just talking ‘a bit of time saving’, this is major time and money saved. Staff now spend hours per day on more productive tasks, all while the robots get to work in the background.

Robotic Process Automation can help any NZ business so check out the full case study, get in touch with us and sit back while we show you what RPA can really do.

87% Acceleration of Back-Office Tasks

Free up time for value-added work

Enabled cost-effective growth

Founded in Matamata, New Zealand in 1966, the Giltrap Group is a family-owned business specialising in everything motoring. Importing and distributing 17 automotive brands across a network of dealerships nationwide, including 12 dealerships owned and operated by Giltrap Group, the group offers new and used car sales, parts and servicing, as well as comprehensive vehicle financing products.

Through its global import and distribution network, the Giltrap Group brings some of the world’s best-known automotive brands to consumers and businesses across New Zealand. With dealerships specialising in Audi, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover and more, the group provides an end-to-end customer service, including vehicle repairs, maintenance and financing.

In recent years, the Giltrap Group has grown significantly, both organically and through acquisition. With manual systems and processes driving each of its businesses, the company realised that operational efficiency would become a significant barrier to continued expansion.

As our business has grown, so has the number of parts we order each month. We realised that further business expansion would require us to onboard new full-time employees simply to handle manual, repetitive data-entry tasks. To avoid those costs and empower our existing teams to focus on higher-value activities, we decided to look for a new approach.

Kofax RPA gives Giltrap Group back hundreds of hours per month, is there any reason you shouldn't begin your digital transformation today?

Local NZ automotive giant now accelerating with Kofax RPA

By partnering with FBINZ to deploy Kofax RPA, the Giltrap Group is racing toward its efficiency goal.

“On average, the parts ordering process for our Jaguar Land Rover business took our back-office employee around 45 minutes per day, and occasionally as long as two hours,” comments Darren Lee. “Thanks to Kofax RPA, we’ve slashed the time down to just seven minutes per day—an average of 84 percent faster. Better still, we’ve eliminated the risk of human error, which helps to ensure that our dealers can service vehicles for our customers in a timely manner.”

Inspired by the success of its first automation use case, the Giltrap Group has harnessed Kofax RPA to enhance its back-office processes in its Porsche business.

Ehrin Wardlow, Service Support Manager at Porsche New Zealand, explains, “Each month, we receive around 400 warranty claims from our Porsche dealers, which we pass through to the manufacturer and then credit back to the dealers. Each of these claims can involve anything from one to 200 components, which must be submitted to Porsche for processing.”

He continues, “In the past, manually re-keying this data took me between two to four hours a day, which was a significant distraction from the key value of my role: supporting and upskilling our dealership partners. By working together with FBINZ, we’ve now launched an advanced software robot that drives the process automatically, with only a minor amount of human supervision.”

Our work with Fujifilm Business Innovation New Zealand and Kofax RPA is empowering us to create a lean and efficient back office, which will help us to grow the business without sending costs soaring.

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