Trustpower's new robot workforce

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One of New Zealand’s largest utility brands Trustpower were noticing increasing amounts of time-consuming, manual processes throughout the business. A huge focus on business efficiency lead them to FUJIFILM Process Automation. Introducing the Kofax RPA tool to their inefficient workflows saw instant change, accelerating the pace of business in a way they had never seen.

Kofax Kapow automates repetitive, time-consuming, boring, error-prone (we could go on) processes to transform not only businesses with instant time and cost savings, but also free’s up staff and allows them to get on with the work they love. FUJIFILM Process Automation know exactly what to do when it comes to automation, it’s basically second-nature to us. With our global knowledge mixed with expert local NZ consultants, we can do the same for you and your business too.

Read on for the whole case study and see how we, alongside Kofax RPA, can help you through your digital transformation.

10x growth in applications processed for connections

45% faster with future scalability? Worth it

Cost saving running into the hundreds of thousands

Trustpower Limited is a New Zealand stock exchange-listed utilities company, which operates in electricity generation, retail and
as a telecommunications provider. Trustpower is New Zealand’s fifth largest electricity generator and the fourth largest electricity retailer, with around 280,000 electricity customer connections, 33,000 gas customer connections, and 90,000 telecommunications customer connections.

Trustpower’s approach is process efficiency. “Whenever you have consistent, repetitive, mind-numbing tasks where people are doing
little more than copying and pasting from one application to another or doing data transfers without doing anything with the data, you just know things could be done better and faster, using technology,

Once we’d seen RPA in action, we realised it can have a huge impact on business today. The first business process to get the RPA treatment was in Trustpower’s relatively new telecommunications Business

Read the full NZ RPA case study on how Trustpower kicked off efficiency

Kofax RPA tool powering up future growth

Thomson says processing capability went from tens to thousands of applications in the same amount of time. It is an order of magnitude which she says immediately confirms the power of RPA for any business which performs notable amounts of simple data processing.

In short, RPA works – and it works well. “One of the advantages of Kapow is that it is a toolset which can be used by the people who know their job best. Once they are aware of what it does and how to use it, they very quickly find the situations where a robot can take care of specific tasks,” Thomson adds.

The major benefit of Kofax RPA is time saved – and that time typically goes straight back to people who have far better things to do.

While she puts the maturity of the deployment at an early stage (there are around 10 or more processes which have successfully been automated), Thomson says the scene is set for RPA to continue transforming the way Trustpower runs its operations. “As we continue to establish more robust guidelines and processes around when and why new robots are being created, and as we spread knowledge within the business, the expectation is that RPA will continue to
grow,” she concludes.

RPA tools from FUJIFILM Process Automation to begin your digital transformation strategy
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With the growth in customer numbers in our telecommunications business, there’s just no way we would have kept up without RPA. And when you have this key process automated, your team’s work gets more efficient; people are no longer sitting around doing work which adds no value

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