AP Automation

Everything you need to build a business case for Accounts Payable Automation

The advantages of Accounts Payable Automation may well have caught your attention, but that’s just the start. Getting a solution implemented and operational first depends on Executive Management approval and the buy-in of key stakeholders.

The question probably foremost in your mind right now is simple: “How do I do that?”

The good news is that Esker has a white paper which takes you through the complete process, providing a clear answer to that question.

Even better, reading it should take just 15 minutes.

Speak to the right people…in the language they understand

You’ll need to present the business case to the C-Suite, so come armed with the facts and figures they want to see. Start with the present state of AP in the business. Then demonstrate what AP Automation can do.

Implementing AP Automation depends on the support and expertise of the IT department, too, so you want them on board and behind the investment.

And you’ll want the Accounts Payable team on-side, too. Their jobs are not going to disappear, they are going to benefit from the elimination of tedious manual processing.

All you need to successfully pitch Accounts Payable Automation in one place

Armed with this information, you’ll have all you need to demonstrate the value of Accounts Payable Automation clearly, concisely to all stakeholders.


Download Esker’s ‘How to Build a Business Case for Accounts Payable Automation here.


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