AP Automation in New Zealand

AP Automation in New Zealand - the basics, situation and how to build a business case

AP Automation - the basics, situation of Accounts Payable in New Zealand, how to build a business case and present it to your C-Suite.

AP Automation - The Basics

AP Automation is, in short, the capability to digitise invoicing for businesses. Including OCR scanning, automated recognition, routing and approvals. In our case, using Esker, you can do all this at work or on the go with the Esker Anywhere App. Not to mention link it up with your ERP and add other automation modules alongside your growing business needs.

Automating your Accounts Payable will generally save time and money, avoid costly errors, all while processing more invoices than you ever thought possible. Giving your employees more time to do work they enjoy.

Well … we’re a bit biased but we 100% stand behind Esker. There are a lot of AP Invoicing tools out there, but for us none compare to the capabilities of Esker. The built in AI just works, not to mention learns the more invoices that go through it. There are a multitude of modules to add on too. Say you need a better way to do cash collection 2 years down the line, you would usually start looking into new solutions. Not with Esker, simply add the module on and away you go. 

The Situation of AP Automation in NZ

If you’re on this page you must be on the lookout for an Accounts Payable Automation vendor and tool … and you are not alone. We conducted a survey at an event in Tauranga asking various questions about the state of accounts payable in businesses through New Zealand. The results?  Over 50% of respondents stated they have none or little progress on automating their AP. This is compared to around 30% from an IOFM study asking the same questions from around the world.

On the other end of the spectrum just 1 respondent said they have touchless electronic Accounts Payable Automation … just 1. The worldwide results from the IOFM study? Over 25% had made significant Automation progress and were touchless electronic.

This is only painting the beginning of the picture, click the link on the left to view the entire survey and its results. Overall it displays how far behind New Zealand businesses are compared to their global counterparts.

The solution? FUJIFILM Process Automation implementing a world class P2P Accounts Payable Automation solution Esker in your business. Get in touch today.

How do I build a business case for AP Automation?

So you’ve seen what AP Automation is, you’ve seen the overall outlook for it in New Zealand, what’s next? Building a case to your C-Suite and beginning your digital transformation with FUJIFILM Process Automation.

Luckily our friends over at Esker have built a 15 minute guide explaining exactly how to build your business case for Automating your Invoicing nightmare.

You’ll learn how to speak to the right people, in the language they understand. And we’re not talking Spanish or French, they want to know the stats, they want to hear what kind of ROI they can expect, they want to know how much time can be saved and what else staff could be doing, overall they want to know if it’s going to be a good investment for their business (spoiler: it is).

Equipped with facts and figures, and the current state of AP Automation in NZ, you’ll need the IT department on board, Accounts Payable team, alongside any other senior figures in the business. Armed with this information and the confidence that FUJIFILM can implement it, you should have no problem displaying the benefits of AP Automation.


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