Lockdown highlights automated Accounts Payable advantage

While the lockdown hasn’t been pleasant, it has shown how the wonders of modern technology equip many to maintain productivity even when far from the office. Notwithstanding, of course, the challenges of pets, small children and spouses! Accounts Payable automation is among the cloud technologies which have delivered a real benefit. There’s a useful overview […]

It’s time to bring your Accounts Payable into the digital era

By: Cameron Mount, GM Enterprise Consulting, FUJIFILM Business Innovation New Zealand Believe it or not, most businesses in New Zealand are handling Accounts Payable (AP) more or less the same way it’s been done since the 1970s – manually, with all the admin and errors associated with shuffling invoices around from desk to desk. The […]

Five key features organisations need in an accounts payable solution.

Accounts payable (AP) processes are often characterised by manual data entry and inefficient workflows that can hold businesses back, create extra work for staff members, and prevent the business from leveraging supplier relationships to their maximum advantage. However, AP automation software can automate these processes to a large extent, saving time and providing opportunities for […]

When reputation matters, Accounts Payable Automation is the answer.

Christchurch-based Isaac Construction has earned a reputation for excellence by making sure everything it does is at the highest possible level of quality. Employing a team of more than 300 specialists, the company delivers a wide range of services, including construction, surfacing, bitumen products, transport, quarrying and professional contract management services. Isaac Construction recently acquired […]

P2P Automation: The secret to improving your supplier relationships.

Good relationships don’t just happen — they demand time, attention and continuous nurturing in order to create a strong and lasting connection. Does this sound like the current relationships you have with your suppliers? It should. Because despite all of the rightful attention paid to satisfying customers, establishing a healthy rapport with suppliers can be […]

Esker Anywhere – Manage critical business processes anytime, anywhere.

MOBILE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Remove process delays and keep an eye on your business anytime, anywhere. Today’s managers have things to do and places to be. So when they need an approval tool that’s as mobile as they are, they choose Esker Anywhere™. Whether they’re relaxing at a coffee shop, stuck in an airport or even in […]

FarmRight- More time for farming. Less time on Accounts Payable.

What stood out about the Esker solution is that it promised to quite literally put AP in your pocket with a mobile app. That impressed everyone, from the board down. We wanted something that would work for the tech-savvy just as well as it would work for those who are not. Mark Paul, Chief Financial […]

Meet Michael – Financial Controller (Accounts Payable)

Like Michael, many CFOs, controllers, AP directors and managers encounter challenges, such as poor cash flow visibility, delayed approvals leading to late payments and pure lack of tracking and reporting. Esker, the cloud-based Accounts Payable automation solution has been implemented in more than two dozen organisations in New Zealand and is a proven solution to […]

Cloud-based automation software that helps AP departments work smarter, not harder.

Esker is an AI driven automated solution that delivers speed and simplicity in the most complex AP environments. Esker Accounts Payable Automation optimises the process of verifying, entering vendor invoices and getting approval with intelligent capture, touchless processing and electronic workflow capabilities — helping companies save vital time and costs while improving supplier relationships. Esker’s […]

5 Accounts Payable KPIs Worth Tracking

There are infinite number of KPIs and AP department can track. And that’s part of the problem…more is not necessarily better. From our experience, you can’t go wrong with these five: Cost to process a single invoice Time to process a single invoice Number of invoices processed per day per AP clerk Percentage of invoices […]