Isaac Construction - New Zealand Case Study

Isaac Construction's reputation for excellence needed an excellent Accounts Payable solution to match

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Grow your New Zealand business like Isaac Construction with Accounts Payable Automation from FUJIFILM NZ.

Fast, accurate, paperless, error-free invoicing​

Instant visibility throughout the AP process, all over NZ​

Intelligent invoice scanning coupled with alerts​

Isaac Construction - New Zealand Case Study





Christchurch-based Isaac Construction has earned a reputation for excellence by making sure everything it does is at the highest possible level of quality. Employing a team of more than 300 specialists, the company delivers a wide range of services, including construction, surfacing, bitumen products, transport, quarrying and professional contract management services. Isaac Construction recently acquired Blenheim’s Simcox Construction, adding a further 80 staff members active in civil construction, infrastructure works and earthmoving.

Even prior to the acquisition, Isaac Construction’s Accounts Payable team were a busy pair, often spending time chasing documents.

Upon the purchase of Simcox Construction, those limitations of paper became painfully clear as increased volume exacerbated the situation and Isaac knew they needed a modern solution.

One of the many problems with paper is you send it for authorisation, and it sits on someone’s desk. Another is that people aren’t always sure where invoices should go, so they get passed from person to person and can slip through the cracks.

Isaac Construction - New Zealand AP Automation Case Study

Arlee Folkers
Group CFO
Isaac Construction

New Zealand based expert implementation & support

Local NZ firm Isaac Construction has a reputation for excellence, but that was being hindered by a slow, manual Accounts Payable process with paper being lost or held up at multiple positions in the business. Together with Fujifilm Process Automation and Esker’s Accounts Payable Automation solution, their reputation for paying on time is back where it belongs.

Esker P2P is a wonderfully comprehensive and easy to use solution, not to mention scalable. So far Isaac Construction have cut down the amount of staff used purely for their AP process, enjoy a paperless AP workflow and can do all of this from anywhere around the country, including remote offices using Esker Anywhere mobile apps.

Esker Anywhere, the app allowing Isaac to work throughout New Zealand issue free.

Isaac Construction now enjoys complete visibility across the Accounts Payable process. “If someone rings about their invoice, we can answer immediately because we can see it, when and to whom it’s been submitted, as well as where it is in the process. And once an invoice is in our system, we can track every single one with absolute ease.” Also because the entire system is electronic, paper is all but eliminated.

The visibility and workflow delivered by Esker also ensures Isaac Construction maintains its reputation with suppliers at its Christchurch and Blenheim operations. “We’ve gone from ‘two and a half’ people focused on Accounts Payable, down to two. And they now have room to breathe,” says Folkers.

With the project kicking off in February and going live by July, Isaac agree “an enterprise software project doesn’t have to be a headache.”


Staff used for invoicing cut - allowing them to add value elsewhere in the business


Real-time budget control across the business


Paper usage for invoicing reduced to ZERO


Web & Mobile app interfaces for visibility throughout New Zealand

Isaac Construction - New Zealand AP Automation Case Study

Arlee Folkers
Group CFO
Isaac Construction

The entire project has been ‘a pleasure’. You don’t hear that about many implementations. But Fujifilm has shown that when you get all the right people in at the start, and you have a clear idea of what needs to be done, an enterprise software project doesn’t have to be a headache.

Construction Accounts Payable Case Study

Unlock the secrets to constructing success – dive into the full case study revealing the blueprint for achieving similar extraordinary Accounts Payable results just as Isaac did!

Why Fujifilm & Esker?

FUJIFILM Process Automation are your local, New Zealand based experts ready to help you on your Esker journey. In fact, we’ve been implementing Esker solutions for Kiwi’s for over a decade now.

AI-Powered processing speeds everything up and it’s smart OCR recognition can even detect and convert handwriting. Fraud protection? Yep, Esker can even detect an invoice with a differing bank account your ERP is expecting, then give your team an alert before it goes any further. That’s just a few reasons why we love Esker, get in touch to hear many more.

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