Automation in Education

Automation in Education is here New Zealand, It's the key to compliance and building on your schools future with DocuShare

NZ Schools are under immense pressure to keep up with the ever changing world of technology, automation is for everyone, including the New Zealand Education sector

Why does a school even need automation?

Part of the responsibility of running a school is implementing the School Records Retention/Disposal Schedule as a requirement of the Public Records Act 2005.

The challenges behind delivering a first-class education are many. Government regulations, high administrative costs, dated processes and the need to provide a truly responsive service are key drivers for change.

An effective content management system is the key to taking on these challenges and keeping your school on the front foot of education in New Zealand.

There are


Primary, Secondary and Composite schools in New Zealand

Automation in Education Driving Compliance

Complying with Government legislation these days includes storing and ordering your email, electronic documents, spreadsheets, databases, digital images and sound files. You often need to track and retain your records for specific periods of time, and have them ready for regular compliance audits.

Compliance is only one area where the demands for quickly-accessible, accurate and up to date information are increasing. Having an effective, easy-to-use content management system means your school administrators have exactly the resources they need to keep pace with increasing pressure for information from students, staff and parents.

Ormiston Primary achieved this from the get-go when they officially opened in 2015.

FUJIFILM Process Automation implemented DocuShare to put in useful, efficient processes right from the start.

Meeting the NAG’s (National Administration Guidelines) was an integral driver as well as wanting to mesh with the schools internal processes. Check out the full case study and see how we did it.

Southern Cross Campus used DocuShare in a slightly different way, but achieved similar results – automation greatness!

Using DocuShare they revolutionised their accounts teams and reduced the time taken from Invoice receipt to invoice approval, from 10 days to just 2.

Aside from document management it’s sophisticated and intuitive built-in workflow automation tools can do so much more. Read more on this automation in education case study.

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