Property Brokers make a smart financial move to Esker Accounts Payable

Provided by FUJIFILM Process Automation

With a single financial administrator in charge of processing 1,200 – 1,300 invoices a month, Property Brokers knew automation could help. Specifically, reducing errors from manual data entry, faster processing from automated capture, and reduced time by using automated, electronic matching and routing for approval.

Property Brokers can now see where every invoice is in the workflow approval process. Nothing is lost or mislaid, and vigorous duplicate checks ensure that invoices can’t be overpaid or paid twice.

Real-time visibility and accountability is introduced by customisable dashboards, giving Property Brokers and their staff flexibility with the knowledge their AP process is safe and secure in Esker. Read the full case study and get in touch to see how an Automated Accounts Payable solution using Esker can help your kiwi business.

Invoice & Expense Approval process automated

Faster, cheaper invoice handling and no manual data entry

Cloud-based solution allows users to approve anywhere

Property Brokers real estate company started small, but they didn’t stay that way. From five people in one office in 1986, they now have 41 branches and over 550 people covering provincial New Zealand.

Scanning each invoice and emailing it to the right branch or department for approval was just the beginning of a slow, manual signoff process which (depending on the approval hierarchy) might need to go through as many as five people in the business. Each recipient printed the invoice out, checked and authorised it for payment, applied the correct finance code, signed and emailed back the re-scanned invoice copy. Quinton then printed it out again and matched it against the original invoice, before entering the data into the company’s Accredo accounting software. After ticking the invoice off on his master list, Quinton finally filed it.

The paper-heavy process was methodical, but not a good use of time. There were opportunities for data entry errors and payment duplications, and no real-time visibility of where an invoice was in the approval/payment cycle. It also made invoice handling slower and costlier than necessary.

We now have tighter restraints on what’s being put through. Everyone is paying very close attention to what they’re signing, and they’re far more accountable. It’s made our managers very happy as they have visibility and control of their costs.

Faster invoicing, lower costs, flexibility to approve anywhere, whats not to love about Esker AP Automation

AP Automation = Costs Down & Reliability Up

Automating Property Broker’s manual AP processes means data and invoice handling costs have gone down and direct integration of Esker with Accredo supports the integrity and reliability of invoice information.

The Property Brokers team are enthusiastic about their new automated AP platform. Even the staff members who were initially nervous about such a dramatic change are now delighted to use the system.

Lee and Quinton knew the project was a success when they started receiving positive feedback from the business users. Greg Kellick, the Waikato Regional Manager wrote “I love Esker. We will see some major improvements to the bottom line in the coming months!”

Our first use of the platform was very, very good. It was a huge success.

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