Esker shifts Accounts Payable into high gear at European Motor Distributors

Implemented by FUJIFILM Process Automation

European Motor Distributors (EMD) relied heavily on paper and manual processes within their AP department. Including manually entering data from 3,500+ invoices received each month. Invoices were then printed and forwarded onto the correct approver, to then come back for yet more manual data entry for final processing.

EMD knew that their AP process was too slow for a progressive business and were concerned that they had no means to quantify the full extent of the problems. After evaluating several solutions, FUJIFILM Process Automation’s knowledge of the Esker platform won them over.

With a clean UI, users now know where everything is, whether or not they’re in the office using web and mobile apps. Invoice data is captured automatically (and correctly) eliminating the need for manual data entry. Approvals are sent digitally, and received faster than ever before, removing the need for paper, and speeding up their entire AP process.

Eliminated the need to print invoices

Simple approvals via computer, smartphone or tablet

Improved supplier relationships & always paid on time

We’ve gone from dedicating 3.5 employees spending time manually processing invoices to 2.5 employees using the Esker system. We have been able to re-purpose the additional employee. Even with an extra company coming under EMD’s umbrella, there’s still no need to add further AP headcount.

European Motor Distributors (EMD) is a subsidiary of Giltrap Group Holdings, a large automotive group in New Zealand. EMD import and distribute a range of vehicles from brands such as Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Skoda, and SEAT.

Consistent growth over the recent years created a challenging workload for the company’s accounts payable (AP) team.

Their reliance on manual processes and the flow of paper around the organisation created significant challenges such as double-payments and lost or misplaced invoices. There was also an alarming lack of visibility of the AP operations and processes.

After evaluating several solutions, FUJIFILM Process Automation won the team over with Esker.

Modern AI, AP Process Drives Up Productivity

FUJIFILM Process Automation finished scoping the requirements and less than 6 months later the Esker solution was up and running.

The Esker platform has a clean, easy and functional interface, which won the approval of EMD’s AP team and business users. The solution gives EMD comprehensive reporting and  dashboards customised to the specifics of the motor business. Alongside archiving and image retrieval for the audit trail, Esker provides the transparency the company needs.

Unnecessary printing of invoices has been removed, along with frustration growing around the business at the old paper-based system. Read the full case study to see how we implemented and reinvigorated their AP process.

NZ firm EMD's CFO and Financial Controller heap praise on how FUJIFILM implemented Esker AP

The whole implementation process was excellent and the feedback from our staff has been great. We were given really clear guidelines of what we needed to do, and how to best prepare ourselves for it. Fujifilm took the time and effort to understand what we needed early in the process, and we were very honest with our requirements and expectations. At no time did I feel that they overpromised things.

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