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DocuSign Release 3 2023
See the updates and new features from this release to help you streamline & simplify the signature and agreement management experience.

DocuSign - seamlessly embedded agreements

Seamlessly embedded agreements

Deliver seamless signing experiences directly on your websites and applications without needing iFrames or page redirection, simply by inserting a JS Snippet. Optimize conversion rates and eliminate friction points in signing processes by choosing display and signing formats that best fit your organization’s look and feel.

Agreement reminders

Set reminders to help you stay ahead of critical contract milestones in CLM Essentials. Pre-schedule email reminders at the document level to keep internal stakeholders informed of important contract dates, and create specific reminders to be delivered to different colleagues or send the same reminder to multiple recipients.
DocuSign CLM agreement reminders to help you in the contract process

Microsoft Power Automate integration

Automate the generation of personalized, professional-looking documents for signing directly from Microsoft Power Automate flows. Save time on your sending workflows by seamlessly merging data from your systems to generate documents without manual effort. Use Microsoft’s intuitive drag-and-drop workflow wizard to build automated workflows between DocuSign, Microsoft and third-party systems.

Other Updates

Advanced template formatting with Microsoft Word

Customize your agreement templates with advanced formatting and greater flexibility using Microsoft Word, matching your organization’s brand. Uplevel your templates’ look and feel by exporting and re-designing your CLM Essentials templates using Microsoft Word’s familiar and robust formatting capabilities.

Automatically pre-fill patient forms

Pre-fill forms with patient data so patients no longer have to repeatedly fill out the same information, improving completion rates, turnaround time, and patient satisfaction. Improve the experience for your employees with automated workflows and templates that have out-of-the-box drop-down menus. Automatically update fields in the EHR patient record with information in completed patient forms.

Streamline customer onboarding to compete with digital-first banks

Enhance your end-customer experience by automating document generation and workflows in CLM from Salesforce, enabling customers to quickly and easily complete onboarding tasks and seamlessly syncing your data. Simplify loan application processes by enabling your customers to begin the homeownership process without manual paperwork.

Manage real estate transactions with an all-in-one solution

Accelerate deals by simplifying how agents prepare, sign and manage transactions.

Transactions in commercial real estate
Easily view multiple transactions and organize all forms and documents related to each from a single workspace. Access the latest state and local association forms with pre-placed data fields and auto-fill capabilities to quickly prepare forms and organize by transaction.

Mobile experience enhancements
Provide a best-in-class user experience and shorten time to deal close by allowing real estate agents to view and organize transactions from their mobile devices while on the go.

Why Fujifilm?

FUJIFILM Process Automation are your local, New Zealand based experts ready to help you on your DocuSign journey. We’ve been implementing best-in-class automation solutions for Kiwis for years and this includes eSignature and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM).

The DocuSign ecosystem has everything you need to easily send, sign and manage all of your agreements in one place. DocuSign eSignature is the #1 way to send and sign documents. Agree with confidence, with intuitive signing experiences across virtually any device and then build on that with CLM. Automating your complex contract processes, simplifying and speeding the process, removing legal errors along the way. Get in touch today for a demo and start signing better.

Try our DocuSign ROI Calculator

Become a truly modern Kiwi workplace, start with DocuSign and completely transform your agreement and signature processes. Click below and try our Digital Signature ROI calculator today and see how much it could benefit you and your business. When you’re ready, get in touch with our team for a detailed introduction to DocuSign and see how our local experts can help your New Zealand business work smarter.

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