To celebrate we've made an ROI calculator to help you realise the potential of digital signing & automation

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How much could you be saving with a Digital Signing solution? Try our eSignature ROI calculator below and find out.



How many documents do you deal with monthly?

Do you print, mail & scan your documents?

How many days does your document process take?

Cost Savings


Per month


Each year!

Time Savings

93.75 hrs

Per month

1,125 hrs

Each year!

Document turnaround time improved

From 16 days to 4 days

Additional Process Improvement

Aside from saving money on printing, mailing, scanning and storing documents, digitising these manual tasks helps avoid mistakes and delays associated with human error and process inaccuracies.

Value-Add Benefits

This calculator does not account for the amount of time for value-added work you and your business gain from simplifying your document and signature journey with DocuSign.

And that's not all ...

DocuSign eSignature drives value for every stakeholder in the agreement process, including customers and employees across sales, HR, legal and procurement teams.

Superior productivity and efficient processes in your document and signing journey also contribute in ways you sometimes can't even see. As well as positioning businesses for long-term growth and expanding revenues.

In fact since 2003, DocuSign users have contributed to saving:

66 billion

sheets of paper

7 million


5.6 billion

lbs of carbon dioxide

7 billion

Gallons of water

Let's chat about DocuSign.


In short, it will show you an estimate of the cost and time savings your business can make using DocuSign eSignature. Every business in New Zealand is different with how they currently process documents needing signatures so please get in touch for a more detailed ROI report.

We have spent a lot of time researching the time and cost savings our current customers have achieved, along with taking into account DocuSign’s average stats from their website. Generally the more documents you send for signing, the lower the individual cost and vice versa. We have been conservative with our amounts so you may find you will save even more than noted above! But as every Kiwi business is different it’s best to get in touch for more details.

Well, DocuSign states an average of $36 per agreement is saved through the use of eSignatures. Some may see more, some less, we have gone a bit more conservative with an average of $30 per document saved. We then additionally add an extra $6 per agreement saved if you still print, mail and scan your documents, which is still conservative too when you consider a courier alone will cost New Zealander’s ~$10.

Ok, so you load up Microsoft Word template, add your recipients details, print, scan your emails for the address, book a courier and wait. Until it comes back and you scan it in and continue the document journey. Based on our research we settled with an average of 2 hours saved per document, based on manually creating documents, personalising and taking into account human error and documents needingto be redone. Then we add on 30 mins per document to print, scan, organise mailing, and scan and storage once the document is returned.

DocuSign see around 80% of documents signed within a day and a staggering 44% within 15 minutes! By the time you’ve printed, mailed and waited for delivery you’ve already gone a few days. The envelope sits on the recipients desk for a while before eventually it’s signed, scanned and mailed back. Some companies may be waiting weeks to receive a signature back. With DocuSign it’s literally as easy as a few clicks, so yeah, customer experience is unbelievably better.

Yeah only more than 400! That includes Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Zoom, Google, Oracle, Apple, Stripe and many more. Not just for eSignature but Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) really completes (and automates) the document journey.

We are very confident with our calculations and we have rigorously tested, however, they are estimates only and do not constitute a formal offer. FUJIFILM Business Innovation New Zealand will not accept any legal responsibility for actions taken on the basis of this DocuSign e-signature calculator. Please get in touch with us for pricing and a more detailed ROI based on your business requirements.

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