Optimise workflow with Business Process Outsourcing and Digitisation.

Solutions to improve employee productivity, increase customer satisfaction, achieve process visibility compliance and reduce operational costs.

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As the volume of information and data continues to grow, the ability to process and manage it becomes an ongoing challenge for many businesses. Thus a solution that optimises documents and data processes becomes imperative for today’s business operation.

The purpose of outsourcing is to ensure best practice in key business components. By outsourcing their non-core activities, companies can focus their energy on areas where they have the competitive advantage, allowing them to differentiate themselves from their competitors and at the same time, take advantage of cost savings from the outsourced functions.

Why consider Fujifilm outsourcing?

Utilising our dedicated outsourced facility in Auckland, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective digitisation services to New Zealand wide customers and offer the following benefits:

Enhanced productivity through increased capacity and access to a pool of skilled and experienced digitisation operators

Significant cost savings relating to infrastructure, facilities, and technology costs

A robust and proven security and BCP strategy

Flexibility to adapt to changing business and customer needs

An ability to focus on core business

Global best practices and utilisation of the latest technology at lower cost

International and local experience and expertise you can have confidence in.

Fuji Xerox runs a network of 35 Imaging Centres throughout the world, all of which utilise consistent methodologies and technologies to ensure global best practice and processes are deployed in all services delivered by Fuji Xerox.

Our services include one-off projects, physical document back-scans, and the ongoing processing of inbound physical and electronic mail.

We use best of breed hardware and software technology, employ a team of highly skilled and trained operators and offer a fully outsourced offsite service catering for the delivery, preparation, digitisation and data capture of customer files.

Case studies

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NZ Funds: Championing Productivity with Outsourced Mail Management.

Partners Life meeting

Partners Life: Acing Great Customer Service.

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Trustpower: Digital Transformation – A better way of working.


The Fujifilm email service has effectively taken up to four days out of our document processing time. Our client service team now turn around the document in a day. Our advisers and clients are happy with the new service speed, and nothing gets ‘lost in the post’ anymore. It’s a real win for us in terms of turnaround time, and it certainly contributes to maintaining good long-term relationships.
Geoff Motion, NZ Funds
Geoff Motion
Head of Service Development, NZ Funds
Our whole focus is on satisfying the needs of our customers and advisers, to make it easier and faster to do business with us, and above all, to be truly responsive. In Fujifilm, we found a partner with the same philosophy and a proven track record in delivering the innovative solutions we were after. They most definitely have the solutions and expertise, locally and internationally, to deliver change for the better.
Mark Lewis, Partners Life
Mark Lewis
General Manager, Software Development, Partners Life
We didn’t force anyone to ‘go paperless’. Instead, we provided the tools to do so alongside their ‘old’ way of working. That set the scene for people to choose the method of working which best suited them – and it doesn’t take long for the paperless process to take precedence over the paper one.
Alice Thomson
Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Trustpower

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