Cash Application Health Assessment

Check the health of your receivables and see how AI can help

This do-it-yourself wellness test helps AR leaders make a quick and accurate “health” assessment of their cash application process. If you suffer from a majority of these symptoms, it’s time to automate!

How healthy is your cash application process? Find out using our health assessment and get in touch with our NZ team today.

Begin your Cash Application Health Check:

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Esker Cash Application

How healthy is my AR process? How can I improve my Accounts Receivable workflow? How do we cut down time spent on cash application? These are all common questions we get but luckily there’s a simple solution: Esker Cash App.

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. It’s what enables a business to cover day-to-day costs and, ultimately, keep its doors open. Cash has to be collected as fast as possible from customers, but it also has to be quickly allocated to customer accounts to preserve downstream accounts receivable (AR) processes and visibility.

In Accounts Receivable, cash application is the process of matching payments from customers/suppliers with their respective invoices. Often this is a manual process which can be costly and time-consuming. However, Esker Cash App is ready to change that.

With Esker, payments can be automatically matched, processed and completed without lifting a finger. Receivables gain instant visibility, cashflow is improved, sales revenue is secured, options to automatically approve pre-defined discounts, easy audit and tracking. Not to mention the Esker’s intuitive UI, intelligent suggestions and integrations with many New Zealand eInvoicing requirements.

Simply put, get in touch with the local NZ team at FUJIFILM Process Automation. We listen, understand, consider what’s possible, then anchor your digital transformation around core processes and goals that exist within your business.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll up, take the health check and see if you would benefit from cash application automation. Then get in touch today, for a bespoke solution, implemented and supported by an NZ expert team.

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