4 Reasons

Cash Application is the best starting point for Accounts Receivable Automation.

4 Reasons Cash Application Is the Best Starting Point for AR Automation

Why Cash Application?

Managing multiple payment sources and formats (e.g., banks, lock boxes, emails, PDFs), not to mention the different levels of data in each document, can be a real pain for AR teams trying to allocate cash in a timely and effective manner. Esker’s AI Engine automates the manually intensive process of matching payments received from all incoming payment information sources so your team can focus on higher value tasks and control cashflow in real time.

There are 4 key reasons to start your automation journey with Cash App, but what are they?

Reason #01

Retain control over cashflow

Reason #02

Avoid miscommunication with customers

Reason #03

Keep costs under control

Reason #04

Understand exactly where your business stands financially

One of the main elements of Accounts Receivable is the application of incoming payments. Performing this task quickly and correctly delivers a multitude of downstream benefits.

This guide provides an overview of the advantages of having a reliable and accurate cash application process, and why it’s the best starting point for an AR automation project.

How healthy is your Receivables process?

Try our Cash Application Health Check and see how your accounts receivable process can benefit from Esker Cash App. Have any questions? Chat with our local, New Zealand based experts today.

How healthy is your cash application process? Find out using our health assessment and get in touch with our NZ team today.

Why Fujifilm?

FUJIFILM Process Automation are your local, New Zealand based experts ready to help you on your Esker journey. We’ve been implementing best-in-class automation solutions for Kiwis for a long time, having been a trusted Esker partner for more than 10 years.

The Esker platform covers your entire financial department … and more. Enhanced AI technology is constantly learning, helping to optimise data recognition and learn the way your business runs. Giving you real time alerts, dashboards and reporting, fraud protection as well as integrating with your favourite ERP’s for end-to-end business control. What are you waiting for? Talk to us today for a demo and see what we can really do.

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