Case study: Warehouse Stationery – Streamlining the Process

The Warehouse Stationary BizRewards paper based form digitisation by FUJIFILM Process Automation

Warehouse Stationery is one of the leading office supplies providers nationwide since its early days in 1995. Their product ranges from office and school supplies to print and copy services.

As part of their exceptional customer service experience, Warehouse Stationery offers its business customers the ‘Biz Rewards’, a loyalty program that allows members to accumulate and redeem points for a range of rewards.

In-store applications are processed on paper forms. These are scanned and forwarded to the BizRewards administrative team who then enter the data into the approval system manually. If something was missing from the form, a staff member had to follow up to gather the missing information. However, it was hard to track the result as there was no reporting done. The processing costs, the accuracy of data and duration incurred were greatly affected.

Determined to improve, Warehouse Stationery has approached Fujifilm Process Automation to implement a more efficient business processing solution for the application forms.

Some of the solutions are a use of a single Fujifilm Process Automation email address that manages and captures the metadata requirements for subsequent document storage and a set up of a digital asset management portal that staff can access.

As a result, it delivered substantial improvements to BizRewards onboarding, as well as, reduced turnaround from 48 hours to a few hours.

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