SealesWinslow takes customer service to the next level

Provided by FUJIFILM Process Automation

Agri-Nutrients firm SealesWinslow went all-in on AI-powered order processing, and who better to go to than FUJIFILM Process Automation.

Utilising our industry-leading software, along with some really clever people, we transformed their Sales Order Process. Saving more than 8 hours a day for their four-person team by processing orders 90% faster, all the while giving outstanding visibility throughout the entire process. Not to mention the self-learning AI built right in the heart of the Esker Automation suite. 

View the full case study and contact us today and see how we can help digitally transform your business with Sales Order Automation.

Removed manual data entry giving 4 person team more than 8 hours back every day

Orders processed 90% faster during peak periods

Full visibility into order processing analytics

Providing next-level customer service can be a fine balance between processing orders efficiently and taking time to proactively help customers.

For stockfeed manufacturer SealesWinslow, a subsidiary of Ballance Agri-Nutrients, there is an added challenge of huge seasonal peaks, which see around half of the company’s annual order book filled in just three months. 

With orders ranging from 20kg bags of feed to 10- tonne truckloads, and specialised ordering for customised stockfeed additives, order processing can get challenging.

A manual order entry process using emailed orders from both merchants and SealesWinslow’s sales reps saw the company’s lean customer service team stretched during peak periods. While temporary Customer Service staff for busy periods helped, the specialised knowledge required meant they could only do so much.

One of our main goals was to get our customer service team away from performing functions and allow them the time to talk to customers, resolve issues and proactively look at what was happening and how it was happening to minimise and remove issues before they happened.

FUJIFILM Process Automation delivers unparalleled sales order automation to NZ business

Sales Order Automation takes customer service to the next level

Within three weeks of implementing Esker, SealesWinslow’s four-person customer service team was saving more than eight hours a day across the team. Order processing times are now around one-fifth of what they were, and urgent orders can be dealt with instantly.

That time savings has seen SealesWinslow step up its outbound calling, getting feedback from customers, and proactively working to minimise and remove any issues before they happen. It’s also enabling training for the team, even during peak periods. Put simply, Sales Order Automation and management has breathed new life into the way they run their business.

The time saving has been quite mind-blowing for us. In a funny way, it was a bit unnerving for the team. Suddenly in our busy period, they had flexibility they’d never had before.

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