eInvoicing & PEPPOL, what does it mean and what are the benefits?

The global standard for electronic invoicing (einvoicing) is PEPPOL. It allows you to send and receive invoices digitally and revel in cost savings, reduce errors as well as complying with government requirements. With Esker, those benefits dramatically increase through your entire AP process.

How does eInvoicing & PEPPOL work?

PEPPOL, whats the situation in New Zealand and how does it fit in with Esker.

It’s that easy. Invoices come in digitally, PEPPOL does it’s thing, and invoices go out.

PEPPOL in New Zealand

Early in 2019, the Australian and New Zealand governments adopted the Pan European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) interoperability framework for eInvoicing. At the same time, the Australia New Zealand Electronic Invoicing Board (ANZEIB) was established to set the direction for the rollout of eInvoicing.

Fast forward to 2023 and Central Government agencies are all required to be capable of receiving eInvoices. So even though at the moment, it is still possible for other businesses to send and receive standard invoices, you’re missing out on a raft of benefits.

PEPPOL eInvoicing for New Zealand
Kiwi businesses are registered to receive eInvoices
0 +

Over 280 Million

Business to business invoices are exchanged in New Zealand annually.

90% Target

Of business to Central Government invoices to be eInvoices by 2026.

$4.4 Billion

Estimated savings to our economy through the adoption of eInvoicing over 10 years.

25.1 Days

Is the average it currently takes NZ small businesses to be paid due to manual invoicing.


eInvoicing with PEPPOL & Esker eliminate mistakes from manual data entry, minimises admin tasks and saves time so you can focus on your business.

Save Money

Processing a paper invoice costs $26, emailed PDF costs $23 according to MBIE. With Esker, those costs are significantly reduced.

Faster Payment

On average in New Zealand, small businesses receive payments 25 days after invoicing. Esker with PEPPOL speeds that up dramatically.


Prevent interception of paper & PDF invoices, sender & receivers are validated, tracked and strict protocols ensure PEPPOLs network security.


Detailed info from each invoice helps improve analysis, forecasting, planning & budgeting. Esker's dashboards display it all beautifully.

Local Help

Our team of experts are scattered throughout New Zealand and knowledgable in every aspect of Esker and eInvoicing.


eInvoicing with Esker using PEPPOL, SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, Sage & a whole raft of other ERP's integrate with ease in Esker.

Helping Kiwis

eInvoicing is estimated to save New Zealand's economy $4.4Billion over 10 years. Benefitting every single organisation involved.

We could go on.

Why FUJIFILM & Esker?

Well Esker speaks for itself, consistently named in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Procure-to-Pay suites as well as Integrated Invoice-to-Cash. It’s safe to say Esker has the whole financial process covered. So when you choose to use PEPPOL via Esker, you’re also choosing a world-class suite that offers so much more. 

We’ve been a proud Esker partner for almost 10 years now and during that time we’ve built a team of experts second-to-none. What’s more, is we’re local to New Zealand. From the discovery process through to sales, implementation and then ongoing support, our local team is ready to help all Kiwi’s work smarter.

Local Experts

When you deal with us, you're dealing with locals. We may be a global tech giant, but here at Process Automation, we're all right here in New Zealand.

Proven Success

Our teams knowledge and experience has already helped Kiwi businesses gain a competitive edge. Check out some examples here.

Multiple Connections

PEPPOL is just one way of eInvoicing. Esker lets you also automate PDF, EDI, Images via OCR, custom file types and so much more.

Do More

The invoicing process is just one cog in the Esker suite. Intuitive dashboards and other automation is what sets Esker apart from the rest.

Next Steps ...

So, with eInvoicing, businesses no longer need to generate paper-based or PDF invoices that have to be printed, posted or emailed, and buyers no longer need to manually enter these into their financial system. It improves accuracy and security, reduces process time and speeds up payments. But where do you go from here?

Talk to your Esker Experts

Hey that's us! A local, New Zealand based team who have been a proud Esker partner for almost 10 years.

Develop & Build

We begin building your Esker solution, including PEPPOL Integration. If you are already an Esker customer with us, the hard part's already been done.

Enjoy & Improve

Reap the benefits of using Esker and PEPPOL, stay current with future Esker developments and see which other parts of your business Esker can improve.

Get PEPPOL Ready Now

Want to be part of the $4.4Billion estimated savings Kiwi businesses will make in the next decade?

Chat with us now and get started on your eInvoicing journey.

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