Lifetime refreshed with more time for business with RPA

Provided by FUJIFILM Process Automation

In 2018, Lifetime merged with Camelot NZ Limited (Camelot). The combined group had over 100,000 clients across New Zealand accessing services including life & health insurance, mortgages and business lending. 

The business “basically doubled overnight” and knew their time-intensive manual jobs would only get worse. Leaving them with less time to spend on relationships with their current and potential new customers. Something needed to change, and what better than implementing a Robotic Centre of Excellence?

View the full case study and see how together, local NZ experts at FUJIFILM Process Automation quickly got to work (we really mean quick, 5 days to be exact) and gave Lifetime the tools and knowledge they needed to start, and continue their RPA journey.

Data-cleansing exercise cut from 7 hours to 30 minutes - completely error free

Robotic Centre of Excellence implemented for future unlimited growth

Information for client portals used to take 2+ hours, now just 3 minutes

Lifetime is a New Zealand-wide financial advisory company committed to creating greater financial certainty. Having grown to over 140 staff, across 16 offices, Lifetime is a company of financial, business and insurance advisers providing loan, insurance, investment, and planning services.

Senior staff members spent an inordinate amount of time extracting and checking reams of data to present on personalised customer portals.

Lifetime Group Limited (Lifetime) turned to Fujifilm Business Innovation New Zealand for not just a next-level Robotic Process Automation solution, but one that would continually develop over time and provide even greater ROI and productivity.

Market analysis showed us what other businesses in the financial services industry are using and what stood out for Lifetime was the approach from FUJIFILM which would put the tools in our hands so we can develop internal skills and self-build robots, meeting existing needs and any new ones

New Zealand firm Lifetime heaped praise on the technical and support teams at FUJIFILM Process Automation for their rapid RPA implementation during COVID lockdown.

Powering productivity with RPA

Delivering the solution in the first weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown was a revelation: largely conducted through video conferencing, installing the software, and building the first robot took little more than five days. Within two weeks, the first four robots were in production. Lucie had praise for the technical and support teams of Fujifilm which rapidly pivoted for the solution delivery.

A data-cleansing exercise which required a person to spend over 7 hours poring over a huge spreadsheet is now executed in just 30 minutes, error free. ‘Stitching together’ information for client portals once took several hours and now perfectly delivered in 3 minutes.

It is Lifetime’s view that once the processes have run several times, the solution will have paid for itself. Although with no limitation to the number of bots Lifetime can build, the bigger picture to the value achieved from the RPA solution is empowered for robotic innovation.

The time saving is staggering. And remember, the work the robots are doing is unpleasant. None of our team enjoyed it.

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