Kofax: Platform Digital Transformation

How to digitally transform your business using Kofax and RPA in New Zealand

Digital Transformation to Capture Information Quickly, Easily and Accurately

Accelerate your business processes with Robotic Process Automation, significantly reduce retrieval costs and improve your regulatory and compliance efforts. Kofax Capture captures, extracts and verifies the information from your paper and electronic document and forms, regardless of channel. It then transforms your data into actionable information that’s delivered directly into your core business applications, processes and workflows.

Kofax is flexible and fully scalable, so it keeps pace with your needs.

  • Process documents faster with consistent indexing and delivery rules
  • Improve data accuracy with industry-leading recognition technologies
  • Capture all types of text in more than 140 languages
  • Use patented technology to clean, rotate, crop and deskew documents before extracting data
  • Go mobile with anywhere, anytime capture for both centralised and distributed processes
  • Rapidly understand and manage unique document types using automatic learning software
  • ROI is typically achieved within 12 months


Automate Processes, Eliminate Tedious and Costly Manual Tasks

Automate your business processes including case management and workflows. Build your own intelligent robots to drive efficiency and reduce costs. Case management is typically highly variable, loosely structured or subject to change. With Kofax Dynamic Case Management, you can create and track the workflows necessary to address rapidly changing and incident-specific requirements.

Identify and automate a wide range of manual business processes and workflows with Kofax Kapow. Free your people from repetitive, inefficient tasks with robotic process automation today.

  • Empower employees to deliver contextual data while orchestrating myriad business applications
  • Improve business process efficiency by giving users the information they need for better decision-making, exception handling and case resolution
  • Support the erratic nature of case management by integrating the technologies required to support knowledge-intensive processes
  • Automate unique processes, tasks, decisions and approvals for customer on-boarding, patient encounters, insurance claims and legal agreements
  • Leverage your investment with integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync
The benefits of robotic process automation are real and the Fujifilm Process Automation team are here to help take your business to the next level. Our teams knowledge and experience has already helped dozens of Kiwi businesses with their digital transformation. It doesn’t end there though, you can expect a thorough implementation before, during and after. Our expert team is constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest technology to further push your business ahead of the competition. Couple that with an amazing NZ based support team and you’ll see why so many New Zealand organisations have trusted us before and continue to do so today.

Do you want to boost productivity in your business?

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