When reputation matters, Accounts Payable Automation is the answer.

Christchurch-based Isaac Construction has earned a reputation for excellence by making sure everything it does is at the highest possible level of quality. Employing a team of more than 300 specialists, the company delivers a wide range of services, including construction, surfacing, bitumen products, transport, quarrying and professional contract management services. Isaac Construction recently acquired Blenheim’s Simcox Construction, adding a further 80 staff members active in civil construction, infrastructure works and earthmoving.

“The entire project has been ‘a pleasure’. You don’t hear that about many implementations. But Fujifilm has shown that when you get all the right people in at the start, and you have a clear idea of what needs to be done, an enterprise software project doesn’t have to be a headache.”

Arlee Folkers, Group CFO,   Isaac Construction


  • Accounts Payable processing largely relied on paper-based approval
  • Time consuming data keying
  • Double handling of documents
  • Manual exception handling
  • Lack of visibility in invoice processing
  • Inability to route invoices for approval


  • Esker Accounts Payable automation solution that integrates with Nimbus Enterprise Resource Planning system


  • Eliminate paper in the Accounts Payable process
  • Visibility of status of invoices
  • Real-time budget control and alerts
  • Complete process audit trail and KPI management
  • Web-based and mobile interfaces for geographically spread business users
  • Reduced resources to process invoices from “two and a half people” down to two

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