Insurance Industry Service

Kiwi business lowers insurance approval process to 4 hours from 36.

We’ve got your business functions covered – Optimise and simplify business processes of insurance companies by enhancing customer experiences and workflow systems.

From data to documents to customer care, our services optimise workflows and focus your team on their core competencies. We constantly improve and adapt technologies and processes to help you build enduring relationships with your customers.

Highly targeted and effective communication not only ensures compliance, but it also reduces the cost of servicing customers and enhances your brand value.

Here are some of the ways we help:
1) Claims Processing Services – Cut claims leakage while keeping customers happy.
2) New Business Issuance – Acquire new customers faster and cheaper.
3) Corporate Services – Reduce back office costs and refocus on customers.
4) Marketing and Distribution – Treat every customer like a segment of one.

Benefits of using our service:

Reduce claims leakage with solid processes that classify, capture and validate all the information related to a claim, so that nothing is missed.

Reduce the time taken to issue new policies, lower the cost of sale, and improve your margins.

Put in place quality control measures to ensure that you are delivering consistent and effective services.

Produce communications faster at a lower cost. Streamline processes with technology and services that allow you to get messages to the market faster.

Learn more about our Insurance Industry solution here.

Do you want to boost productivity in your business?

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