Giltrap Porsche racing ahead with superior, paper-free service documentation

Provided by FUJIFILM Process Automation

With its Service Department drowning in paperwork, Giltrap Porsche looked to FUJIFILM and its DocuShare Flex cloud document management solution for digital answers.

In a matter of weeks, paper-based service records were converted into electronic documents stored online. As a result, Giltrap Porsche has revolutionised service documentation and set a precedent for eliminating paper within the wider Giltrap Group. A 97% improvement in their regular audit process and no more scouring a storage room for service documents is just the beginning utilising their new document management system DocuShare Flex.

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100% reduction of time searching for documents

97% Faster retrieval for Porsche AG audits

Physical storage replaced with digital

Giltrap Porsche specialises in NZ-new and used Porsche motor vehicles. The company houses the country’s leading Porsche Service workshop, offering factory trained technicians and genuine parts to back the premium vehicle brand.

Around 20 vehicles pass through our service department per day, each with a paper service record running to between five and 10 pages, along with a video file of the vehicle arriving into the service area and a series of photographs, often called upon months or years after the fact.

There is one more high-pressure situation where the records are required: each year, Porsche AG audits Giltrap Porsche with a particular focus on warranty claims which are charged back to the vehicle manufacturer. “The auditors would identify a random sample of 100 files; we’d then have to go to the records room and dig them out. And that can take hours and hours,” Tsoumas notes.

We record a video of every car which comes in, we capture the Warrant of Fitness and Registration details, tyre size and tread, odometer reading, and record any imperfections or damage. This is evidence just in case a customer comes back and says we’ve caused a problem – and those comebacks can happen a lot,

DocuShare Flex helps Giltrap Porsche through their digital transformation. Transforming the local New Zealand brands service documentation and audits.

Electronic content and document storage immediately alleviates the overhead of manual filing and retrieval, something Tsoumas says consumes two days’ worth of time every week. “Now, if we need a record, we just punch in the number plate or job number or customer name and everything we need is right there at our fingertips.”

The last time Porsche AG did its audit, Tsoumas and his assistant spent over four hours finding the required records; he now looks forward to the next audit. “It’ll take 5 minutes, maximum. In fact, we can give the auditors access to the system and they can pull the sample themselves, along with any other records they might like to consider.”

Digitising with FUJIFILM is delivering efficiency, ease of information access and immediacy. “With centralised information, finding everything needed is fast and simple. We no longer have to pay someone to file documents. And audit compliance is straightforward, and the system is accepted as best practice by the vehicle manufacturer. It’s just a better way to work and a step into the 21st century,” Tsoumas concludes.

This means a direct boost to our customer service. There’s an indirect boost too, because we no longer need to waste time ferreting around in the file room

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