Less time on Accounts Payable = More time for farming.

Provided by FUJIFILM Process Automation

FarmRight as a growing business, with more farms steadily being added to its portfolio, began to drown in paperwork. They needed a modern, digital, Automated Accounts Payable solution and turned to FUJIFILM Process Automation to make it happen.

Esker’s AP suite was the chosen Accounts Payable tool and using FUJIFILM’s expert consultants, developers and support team’s the solution was delivered on-time and on-budget while delivering the anticipated results. Now, with FarmRight spending less time and resources on their Accounts Payable Process they had more time for farming.

Read the full case study and see how together, with Esker, we helped FarmRight enjoy a faster, more convenient Automated Accounts Payable solution.

Fast, convenient, remote approvals

Huge reduction in resources used

Complete visibility across the AP process

Established in August 2000, FarmRight provides expertise to equity partnerships, corporate ownership and large-scale family holdings in the dairy, beef and horticulture farming industry. The business has
expanded from the original three managed farms to more than 60, including several in Australia.

As a growing business, with more farms steadily being added to its portfolio, FarmRight was starting to drown in the paperwork. “Paper was a real problem. Invoices would come in, be printed and placed in a pigeonhole. An AP clerk would bring it out, enter the data, then scan the invoice which would go into a transaction list for approval by the farm manager – there was a lot of double and triple handling,” Mark explains.

“That meant that we could not achieve any ‘scalability’. Clients are buying more farms and we reached a point where we’d have to grow the admin team, or find a better way of handling AP,” Mark notes.

The farmers would typically set aside a day each month for the invoice approval activity. Then, we had a team of 7 in the wider administration team who would enter all these invoices into the financial system, send to farm managers for approval and schedule payments. It was one of those ‘roll your eyes and sigh’ jobs every month.

Is your AP workflow still manual? Change it today just like FarmRight did with Automated Accounts Payable from FUJIFILM.

His focus on the users of the solution has borne immediate fruit: Mark says farm managers have welcomed Esker’s Automated Accounts Payable software. “Reception has been very positive from the start, and that actually commenced well before the rollout, with various communiques that this was coming.

With greater visibility and reporting on the AP function, FarmRight is able to delegate authority with confidence, while receiving a boost to its governance measures.

The Board is pleased, with an on-time and on-budget enterprise IT project also delivering the anticipated results.

There’s more to it than simply dollars, though. “Relieving your people of an unpleasant task is probably the most valuable benefit of all,” he concludes.

Relieving your people of an unpleasant task is probably the most valuable benefit of all.

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