Intuitive, integrated and cloud-ready Electronic Content Management.

Eliminate the chaos of traditional folders and filing. Go digital, and make it easier to find, share and manage documents and data across your entire organisation.

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Are paper-reliant and labour-intensive processes still holding your business back from true digital efficiency? Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, our intuitive content management solution allows you to capture, store, retrieve and process content for smarter, more collaborative ways of working.

Future-proof your business, create convenience and enable greater connectivity – with minimal disruption and absolute security.

Find and share information fast.

Our electronic content management solution makes it easy to manage and store information in a secure, central repository, allowing content to be shared in context with co-workers, customers and partners. With the ease of access, you accelerate and improve collaboration on the go while reducing errors with accurate version control and real-time editing using intuitive document viewing tools.

Stop moving at the speed of paper.

In a world where remote work and global teams are on the rise, our electronic document management solution provides flexibility, convenience and peace of mind through an array of advanced features, including automated workflows, process automation, content rules, and Enterprise Capture.

Accelerate and simplify business processes with integration.

Our electronic document management (EDM) solution is designed to complement your existing business processes and workflows, reducing time and paper waste. It integrates with printer and MFP fleets just as readily as it integrates with line-of-business applications, delivering seamless content flow across your organisation for optimised collaboration and workflow efficiency.

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Akarana Timbers builds a better quoting System

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Go Bus streamlines their AP Traffic with Accounts Payable Automation

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Giltrap Group delivers speed to Porsche service documents


With centralised information, finding everything needed is fast and simple. We no longer have to pay someone to file documents. And audit compliance is straightforward, and the system is accepted as best practice by the vehicle manufacturer. It’s just a better way to work and a step into the 21st century.
Markus Tsoumas, Giltrap Group
Markus Tsoumas
General Manager, Giltrap Group
This solution has reduced a lot of time and paper waste. Instead of printing a whole set of plans – we only print the few pages needed. The Fujifilm Process Automation team provided us with a lot of support. They have a great attitude and are always there to help. Any issues are sorted out within minutes by phone, or the consultant resolves it on-site for us. They are genuinely good to work with.
Lisa Eastlake, Akarana Timbers
Lisa Eastlake
Sales Support, Akarana Timbers
The Electronic Content Management solution gives us complete confidence that we’re well equipped to handle the accompanying administrative load as we add more branches, depots and staff.
Reegan Pearce from Go Bus gave FUJIFILM Process Automation a glowing reference when AP Automation changed their view on accounting.
Reegan Pearce
Chief Financial Officer, Go Bus

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