Growth & Customer Success.

Local customer support is a given with Fujifilm, but what about growth and success? Learn more about how we’re helping Kiwis work smarter.
Customer Success Programme by FUJIFILM Process Automation New Zealand

Implementing Esker is a truly revolutionary step toward making meaningful, positive change in your business process, but having a team who deeply understands the inner workings of Esker is just as important.

Here at FUJIFILM Process Automation, we’re all about local, so when you choose to partner with us we really mean it’s us.

We’re proud to launch our Customer Success Programme, which provides options for you to engage with a dedicated resource to answer questions and assist in your success using Esker.

Let’s match the level of engagement that’s right for you.

Which package suits you?


  • Yearly business review
  • Monthly Know-How-At-Noon Webinars
  • Quarterly Check-in
  • Up to 5 Hours per year


  • 6-Monthly business review
  • Monthly Know-How-At-Noon Webinars
  • Monthly Check-in
  • 2 Hours consulting per quarter
  • Up to 10 Hours per year


  • Quarterly business review
  • Monthly Know-How-At-Noon Webinars
  • Monthly Check-in
  • 4 Hours consulting per quarter
  • Dashboard & views workshop
    (4 Months after Go-Live)
  • Reporting Workshop
    (7 Months after Go-Live)
  • Recognition Technologies Workshop
    (10 Months after Go-Live)
  • Up to 20 Hours per year

Business Review

Business Reviews are a standard feature in all our customer success options, but what is it?

Well, firstly it’s not your basic review. It’s a tailored face-to-face meeting with your team and ours (we might even bring cupcakes). You’ll gain extra valuable insight into how Esker is performing in your business and more importantly, how we can increase it’s potential and push your business ahead even further.


Assess Esker's (and our) performance in your business

Develop strategies/optimisations for the upcoming period


Analysis of key performance metrics, such as processing efficiency, field changes, and overall Esker performance

Evaluation of your happiness with the solution

Evaluation of how Esker fits against your goals and objectives

Review of your support issues

Discussion of any challenges or successes that occurred with Esker

Actionable steps to improve the performance of the solution in the next period

Not using Esker yet?

Well, you’re missing out on one of the world’s leading P2P suites. Learn more about Esker here, or get in touch with our consultants to take you on your very own digital transformation journey.

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