NZ Funds: Championing Productivity with Outsourced Mail Management

NZ Funds case study with FUJIFILM Process Automation

Founded in 1988, NZ Funds is a privately-owned wealth management firm specialising in integrated advice and portfolio management services for New Zealanders.

NZ Funds wanted to speed up the way post and email moved into their electronic workflow queues. Because the quicker incoming information is organised, the sooner staff can be productive, and the better customers are served.

Fujifilm Process Automation was engaged to deliver fast, streamlined physical and electronic mailroom services to NZ Funds.

Key benefits delivered include:

  • Client service team turnaround to advisers reduced from four days to within one day.
  • Achieved data extraction quality at 99.9%, and meets the 8am deadline for mail processing 99.8% of the time.
  • Enabled transition from physical mail to electronic communications with ease

Download full success case study here.

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